Historical Data

Visit: Western Regional Climate Center
This site has all this historical weather records for Anacortes dating back to 1931. This is where you'll find our average rainfall amounts for each month, average high and low temperatures, snowfall amounts, recored rainfall and temperatures for each day of the year, and much more.

View: Low temperature readings from 1873 to 1911
Temperature records for Anacortes taken between 1873 and 1911 where the temperature fell to 20 degrees or below. Temperature readings were taken by County Commissioner E. A. Sisson at the Whitney Station, near the current Farmhouse Restaurant.

View: Period of Record Monthly Climate Summary
Percent of possible observations for period of record.
Max. Temp.: 96.8% Min. Temp.: 96.9% Precipitation: 97.3% Snowfall: 96.3% Snow Depth: 95.6%

Period of Record : 1/ 1/1931 to 6/30/2005